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Harpo was featured in the June 10th issue of The Chronicle of the Horse magazine. 
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"Harpo" is a special pony with an amazing story and a heart to match.  Despite a tragic past, Harpo now competes in the international equestrian sport of combined driving, and is a living symbol for second chances.

Follow Harpo's journey on Facebook through regular posts about his adventures, as well as hundreds of additional photos!  Visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/goharpo and click "Like" to become a fan!

Did you know that Harpo has his very own YouTube channel?  Check it out HERE, and see our latest video from the 2013 Florida season.  Coming soon: marathon videos!

Harpo needs your support in order to reach the top of his sport! 
Please consider becoming sponsor and a special part of his story!Visit his fundraising page HERE.   

Please support the recovery of abused and neglected animals by adopting or fostering a pet, donating to a favorite charity, or volunteering at a shelter.  Take a chance - save a life.


For more information about Harpo, please contact Jennifer Keeler, jennifer@yellowhorsemarketing.com.  

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